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TLMLT's The Week featuring Lyra, Toygirl, David Keenan, Squarehead, Sons of Burlap, Meghan Murray & Moncrieff

Featuring review of 'Tell Me' by Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape, 14th September 2019:

"Set to a deep minimalist beat, the alt-pop sound of ‘Tell Me’ takes centre-stage in Meghan Murray’s debut E.P. Out Of Mind as subtle slice of songwriting and pin-point production."

Premiere: Enjoy some late night sax vibes on Meghan Murray's new single 'Unconditional'

Featuring review of 'Unconditional' by Luke Sharkey, Nialler9, 10th September 2019:

"Cork R&B/soul artist Meghan Murray is busy prepping for the release of her debut EP this Friday.

Entitled, Out Of Mind , the 5 track EP will feature three singles already available to the public; 'Space', 'Broken Ladders' & 'Feeling Blue'.

Each of these tracks has been featured on our site. Each has aided in establishing Murray as a sincere and dynamic emerging Irish R&B/Soul artist.

Today, we’re premiering a new single from the artist. ‘Unconditional’ is a late-night R&B/jazz hybrid."


"Premiere: Meghan Murray marks herself out as a sincere talent on new single 'Feeling Blue'"

Featuring premiere of 'Feeling Blue' by Luke Sharkey, Nialler9, 27th June 2019:

"Based in Cork, Meghan Murray has been making quite the impression on us in 2019.

The R&B/Pop singer has all the hallmarks of an artist on the rise, catching our attention first with her debut single 'Space' and its follow up ‘Broken Ladders‘. Both tracks had a distinctly vintage soul feel, ‘Space’ with its wah-wah guitar rhythms and ‘Broken Ladders’ with its lush vocal harmonies.

Significant also is that each of Murray’s releases to date has been better than the last, that’s exactly why we wanted to premiere her new single ‘Feeling Blue’ on the site today."


New artists of the week: Great Irish acts to love in 2019 - Irish Times

Featuring Meghan Murray as one of 36 new Irish acts to watch for in 2019 in Niall Byrne's article "New artists of the week: Great Irish acts to love in 2019" in the Irish Times.

"Meghan Murray has recently appeared making sophisticated R&B pop."—Niall Byrne, Irish Times, 13th April 2019.

TLTM's The Week featuring lullahush, Otherkin, Meghan Murray, Reevah & Susie Blue

"A gently set alt-pop track, ‘Broken Ladders’ highlights Meghan Murray as an artist with highly stylised sound and the voice to carry it."—Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape, 12th April 2019.

The best gigs & clubs in Dublin this week—Nialler9

Featuring co-headlining tour date with Laura Duff in Bello Bar, April 17th.

"8 new Irish songs you should hear this week"—Nialler9

Featuring a review of second single "Broken Ladders":

"‘Broken Ladders’ is the second single from Cork hailing Meghan Murray who first caught our attention with 'Space' a few months ago. Her second single is silky and smooth and all the things you want from a good pop song, not to mention the flawless vocal runs. We like this a lot."—Luke Sharkey, Nialler9, 11th April 2019.

"7 new Irish songs you should hear this week"—Nialler9

Featuring a review of debut single "Space":

"‘Space’ is the debut track from Cork based pop artist Meghan Murray. There’s a lot of classic R&B and funk noticeable in the track’s genetic makeup. The wah-wah rhythm guitar is probably the most overt tip of the hat to the latter. There’s a ton of interesting arrangement choices throughout the track, including some surprising string sounds. These disparate elements are pulled together beneath the artist’s vocal, which is focused and expressive. The track is taken from Murrays debut EP Out Of Mind, due out in May of this year."—Luke Sharkey, Nialler9, 13th March 2019.


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